California Flyers
Season Highlights

2011 GSSA Championships
Congrats!Pro-X got a Worlds Bid!
Check out their "Great Eight" performance:

California Flyers
Air Force Pro-X


Check out our 5 Teams from California Flyers, 2010-2011!
JOIN US for NEXT SEASON 2011-2012!

California Flyers
Season Highlights


OUR SURVIVAL GUIDE for the entire season and IT IS THE BOMB!

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Want to Make that Team?
Tumble Classes
  - All Levels of Experience Challenged
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Back Handsprings & Back Tucks Only Workshop
- Our training will enhance your ability and give your
  Back Handsprings and Back Tucks the boost you need.
  Come join our clinic and have a great time working out
  with friends and achieve your tumbling goals too!
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Prep for Tryouts Workshop
  - Our Clinic focuses on showmanship, cheers, chants,
  kicks, jumps, dance, building confidence and more!!
Workshop dates:
April 21, 23, 28, 30 from 5:30-7pm at Gymcheer USA.
All ages, all levels, new and returning students.
For more info contact the Front Desk.

And we want to get you READY TO CHEER!!

Come join the 2014–2015 California Flyers All-Stars Family!!

LOOK OUT! California Flyers Full Season Teams Begin SOON!!!
- Monday & Wednesday, May 5 & 7, 4:30-6pm
  Ages 9 & Up - No Tumbling Required
  All Ages - Standing Back Handspring Required.
- Monday & Wednesday, May 5 & 7, 6-7:30pm
  Ages 10 & Up - Standing Back Handspring Series or Standing Back Tucks.
- Tuesday & Thursday, May 6 & 8, 4:30-6pm
  Ages 4-8 - No Tumbling Required.

Celebrating our 16th season with AMAZING & TALENTED Cheerleaders! Check 'em out!

- The only gym in the SCV built just for cheerleaders!
- Memories, Experiences & Friendships that are Priceless!
- No experience required. Everyone makes a team!
- Friendly, experienced, well trained staff!
- Ages 3 yrs old & up!
- Don't miss out!

Helpful info about our program:
Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Aloha International Spirit Championships
Congratulations to our Aloha Competitors and families who traveled all the way to Oahu, Hawaii!

All the families had an amazing vacation, yet experienced a die-hard competition as well. Our performances brought the crowds to their feet. We had the most compliments from other teams and spectators on how strong our teams performed and how much fun and energy our cheerleaders brought to the floor!

Our season has concluded and we look forward to another outrageously amazing season ahead! Full Season begins May 5th!

- Your California Flyers Coaches

Flying Angels - 1st place
Air Force - 1st place
Elite X - 2nd place

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Knott's Berry Farm
Congratulations to our Knott's Berry Farm Competitors. You have ended your season on a high note and made your coaches and families so proud!

Full Season begins May 5th!
Can't wait for a new journey to begin!

- Your California Flyers Coaches

Starlets - 1st place
Skyraiders - 1st place & 1st place over entire division
Vipers - 1st place
Entire Program - Most Spirited

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Jamz, Las Vegas Nationals
Congrats to all of our Nationals competitors! THE BEST EMOTIONS filled the CA Flyer Fan area while cheering on Skyraiders, Flying Angels, Air Force and Elite X through their final performances!!! All the teams performed their best routines of the season! WE couldn't be more proud!


- Your California Flyers Coaches

Jamz, Las Vegas Nationals
Skyraiders - 5th place
Flying Angels - 3rd place
Air Force - 3rd place
Elite X - 4th place

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US Spiritleaders, X-Games
It was a great day for our California Flyers Teams this past Saturday, February 8. Our individual performers delivered WOW routines and our X-Plosives parent team got the crowd cheering!! Also, we qualified our teams to compete at Best of the West.
Great job!
- Your California Flyers Coaches

US Spiritleaders, X-Games
Starlets - 1st place
Skyraiders - 2nd place

Flying Angels - 1st place
Vipers - 3rd place
Air Force - 1st place
Elite X - 1st place
We also won the warm-up etiquette award.

2014 CHEERPros State Championship
It was a PACKED house in Ontario this past weekend for the CHEERPros State Championships. Tons of amazing performances including our very own CALIFORNIA FLYERS!! So much fun to watch the X-Plosives, our parent team, get out there and really get the crowd going. We love our parent team!

- Your California Flyers Coaches

CHEERPros State Championship
Flying Angels - 2nd place
Air Force - 4th place
Elite X - 2nd place
X-Plosives - 2nd place

Congratulations Coach Shelly for being a Finalist for Best Coach of 2014.

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JAMZ Golden Classic
Congratulations to Starlets & Skyraiders for earning FIRST PLACE at the Jamz Competition this past weekend at Magic Mountain!

It was Starlets' first competition and oh how they made their coaches and parent's proud!

Skyraiders earned their qualification to attend the Vegas Nationals in February! Watch out 'cuz HERE SKYRAIDERS COME!

- Your California Flyers Coaches

JAMZ Bid Challenge
Congratulations to Flying Angels, Air Force, Elite X who competed their hearts out at the Anaheim Bid Challenge this past Saturday.

All teams qualified for our Vegas Nationals in February and all received a 2nd place trophy!

We are on our way... stay tuned as we add our Mid-Season team to our competitive roster as well! Practice begins Monday, December 2.

- Your California Flyers Coaches

XTREME Spirit Championships
CA Flyers are FIERCE!!!!
It was a solid and strong showing of our well-prepared California Flyers Teams this past Sunday, November 17. Each team displayed poise and confidence as they stepped onto the competition mat. This was our first performance of the season in front of judges and a crowd, and we showed that THIS SEASON California Flyers is a FORCE to watch our for! Can't wait to see you all do it again this next weekend in Anaheim!
Good Luck!
Your California Flyers Coaches

XTREME Spirit Championships
Skyraiders - 1st place, Spirit Award
Flying Angels - 1st place, Level 2 Grand Champions
Air Force - 1st place
Elite X - 1st place, Level 4 Grand Champions and Overall Grand Champions of the Day
California Flyers also Received the Sportsmanship Award

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Come join the 2013–2014 California Flyers All-Stars Family!!

Did you hear about ALL-STAR Cheer and wonder what the hype is about?

Whether you are looking for something fun, now that youth cheer is ending, preparing for Jr. High and High School tryouts, or just looking to be a part of our full season competitive teams next year, the Shooting Stars Mid-season Program is the perfect solution for you!

Get ready for NEW and FUN ADVENTURES ahead!
Shooting Stars are going to ROCK this season!

Email Us for the Mid-Season Teams Info Packet

Mid-Season Prep Workshops
November 16
Gymcheer USA • 2:30-4:30pm
  - Ages 9 and up, All Levels
  - GREAT way to kick start your skill & push you to NEW LEVELS as we start our CALIFORNIA FLYERS MID-SEASON ALL STAR CHEER TEAMS!

For more info: CLICK HERE
Please register at the front desk or over the phone

SCV Fourth of July Parade
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate America's Independence and support Gymcheer USA!

The Santa Clarita 2013 Parade Theme was "The Winning Spirit".

Gymcheer USA won 1st Place for Youth Group (Non-Float). Well done!

For more info: CLICK HERE


Join Us!

We want to get more skills!!!
We need you here to get this season going!

Celebrating our 15th season with AMAZING & TALENTED Cheerleaders!

Evaluations going on... NOW!

Now through Aug 31st

A SUMMER FULL OF NEW FRIENDS & FUN!! Come join our highly trained & encouraging staff as you have fun while improving your skills too!

DOWNLOAD our GymCheer USA Summer Fun Guide. Full of everything COOL that's happening this summer.

Plus Money Saving Discounts!

It's here!

CLICK HERE to watch our latest video!

Congratulations California Flyers Cheerleaders on a fun filled season!

You have inspired so many through your spirit, enthusiasm, dedication, passion, and AMAZING PERFORMANCES!

We hope to see you in the New Season!

Evaluations going on... NOW!

Stunt Fest Workshop
Saturday, May 11 from 2:30-4:30 at Gymcheer USA

Let's S-T-U-N-T! Bring a group or come alone!
- Learn Proper Techniques
- How to stand
- How to support
- How to grip and more

Learn the latest progressive styles in Stunting
- 2 legged stunts
- 1 legged balance positions of all kinds
- Switch leg ups (tic-tocks)
- Twisting up/full ups
- and more...

For more info: CLICK HERE
Please register at the front desk or over the phone


Why Choose California Flyers?
Let's face it... there are so many sports, activities and organizations to choose from these days. Here are a few testimonials from CA Flyer Parents>>>>

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Congratulations to our California Flyers Skyraiders & Air Force teams who placed 1st in their division this weekend in Las Vegas & were both crowned National Champions!

California Flyers was named Grand Champions AGAIN! Outstanding way to end a fun & memorable season!

Don't forget to prep for our upcoming season... going on NOW!


California Flyers is Getting Social
Join us!
California Flyers is getting more social! We have put a lot of work into our social media resources these past years, and we're sharing lots of info for and about California Flyers, Gymcheer USA, as well as the entire cheerleading industry. Our Facebook pages have been busy and are sharing some good informational links.

Help us promote California Flyers and our members. As Martha would say, "it's a good thing!"

Our 2012-2013 teams SOAR!
This season has been amazing! We brought together new and returning cheerleaders and coaches to each team. Our journey to uplift each team to their best has been a fun and exciting one! We've won some great team awards, including Most Innovative Routine, Best Out of the Box Award, Routine that Rocked Award, Division Overall Champions as well as others. We have also won individual cheerleader awards; Best Jumper, Best Tumbler, Best Stunt Sequence and more.

Our Season isn't over...
but we wanted to congratulate our cheerleaders for an amazing season so far! Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Join us as we build successful teams season after season! It all begins this May.

Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader filmed at Gymcheer USA
On May 5, 2012 filming began for an upcoming web series on the Cheer Channel Inc at Gymcheer USA, Home of the California Flyers.

Our California Flyers Teams were extras on the set and got up-close and personal with the cast and superstars. Check out our photos. Meet a few of the Superstars. Video soon to arrive and stay tuned for the series premiere on May 21!

Don't forget to check out our 2012-2013 California Flyers teams! Join us as we build successful teams season after season! It all begins May 14.

As we celebrate our 13th SEASON, our commitment to team excellence continues to elevate. This program is not just about Cheerleading; it is about life! We are about commitment, desire, dedication, goals, winning attitudes, and good sportsmanship. There is no “I” in TEAM!

Our highly trained staff is ready to commit to a season of fun, memories and great skill development! We ask that you consider our commitment level and pledge to match our enthusiasm and dedication!

Check out our Most Commonly Asked Questions

*Group photos courtesy of Teri Merritt